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How to get in touch

You can call me on 07954147544*, email me at sarah@moveyourmindtherapy.com, or fill in the form on the right to arrange an initial assessment, or to ask any questions about my work.

We will have an initial email, phone or Skype conversation to ensure I feel I am able to help you. This will last around 20 minutes and is free of charge.

Whether you're interested in traditional or movement therapy, the first session will usually be indoors at my practice in Shoreditch. In some circumstances, we can agree to begin movement therapy outdoors straight away. I work in a selection of outdoor spaces across London so we'll find one that suits you best.


My standard rate is £65 for a 50 minute session at my office. Outdoor movement therapy sessions start at £65, but can be more depending on the location that is mutually agreed. Skype sessions are also available, but meeting face to face for at least one or two sessions is usually helpful to the success of your therapy.

I have some sessions available each week for those on a lower income or for students. Please get in touch to find out if you’re eligible. 

Discounts are also available for block bookings. 

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